Transnational Mobility in the Asia Pacific
Family, Friends, Facebook

3 November 2016
Building 80 (Swanston Academic Building), Level 7, Room 9
RMIT University

Travelling internationally for work, study, humanitarian and lifestyle reasons has become a global phenomenon and commonplace in the Asia-Pacific.  Facilitated by cheaper and more frequent modes of travel together with varied degrees of desire, determination and desperation, the past few decades has seen greater and increasing numbers of people leaving their countries of origin and families to pursue better and improved lives for themselves.  The normality of transnational mobility also means that people have prior, if not frequent experience living outside the country of origin.  Transnational mobility however does not mean a loss of connectivity to family and friends left behind due to the vast improvements in media and communication technologies.  Social media which has grown rapidly in less than a decade has become an embedded part of everyday life.

Social media has changed the landscape of communication.  We are now able to communicate with family, friends and acquaintances en masse and privately, constantly and in real time wherever we are and in whatever we are doing.  More than just presenting us with various ways of communicating with each other, social media has also expanded the social groups we communicate with.  While social media is a platform of choice for everyday communication with people we know, it also allows us to broadcast our thoughts, opinions, ideas and ideologies with a broad audience – across state and national lines.

Discussing the intersections of transnational mobility with new communication technologies and their impact on familial and social networks and relations, this symposium brings together cutting edge research from scholars across disciplines.

Keynote address: Prof Brenda Yeoh, National University of Singapore

Convenor: Dr Catherine Gomes

This event is funded by the RMIT Foundation, International Visiting Fellowship, Digital Ethnographic Research Centre and Asia@RMIT

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